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Rewrites and some thoughts on Kickstarter

The revised table draft of Episode 101 is available in the Scripts section. One of the big notes from the first table reads was that people really liked the cold open structure from the first episode, so I’m incorporating that into episodes 102 and 103. The other thing is that the middle of 102 is a bit slow. The rewriting continues.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last week educating myself about and checking out similar projects. After struggling through the creation of the video, we’re almost ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign.

I don’t know what possessed me to think that I should have as few edits in the video as possible. It really doesn’t matter. The videos that I think are most effective have the principles talking directly to the camera making their pitch. That’s what I have now, and I’m considering either re-shooting it or at least re-cutting it.

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Table Reads and KickStarter

Saturday morning we had our first table read, and it was such a great time.  The core of the cast was together for the first time, and it was fun to hear the scripts come to life with real actors reading the parts instead of the voices in my head.


Mike and I also started working on the Kickstarter video.  Outtakes to follow…


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